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Appendix II: Matches

Files in this appendix show weave matches for all eight of the pairs that have so far been identified among the Vermeer canvases. The seventh and eighth pair were not discovered until after the final text of this RKD Studies was submitted to the publisher.

Each file contains a low resolution image of the painting and an equal sized version of the weave match. The weave matches are oriented so as to emphasize the continuity between the two canvases, and the paintings are aligned with the weave maps. For example, the file MatchL33-L34.pdf contains the two weave maps which are aligned in the vertical direction. Since one of the weave maps is flipped upside down, the top paintings is presented similarly.

The Weave Match List provides summary data for the matches, including the title, L-number, collection, dates, and the publication announcing the weave match pair.

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